5 Tips for Designing an Attractive Wedding Tablescape

by Gregory Lewis

Wedding planning might be stressful, but it sure is fun as well! As you make arrangements for your dream wedding day and pick out wedding welcome bags for the guests, there is an essential component that you must not forget. We’re talking about your wedding tablescape!

Your table setting is an element that can set the mood of the whole event for the guests. It is often one of the first features that your guests will notice. Therefore it sets the mood for the entire event. If you’ve worked hard on perfecting every other component of your wedding decor, but forgot about the tablescape, don’t worry! We’re here to help!

From personalized wedding napkins to wedding cups and much more, My Wedding Reception Ideas has everything you need to make your day memorable. Additionally, we have compiled a list of tips taken from expert decorators and wedding planners to help you achieve your perfect look and feel for the wedding. Let’s find out what these tips are!

  • Use Consistent Styling

Consistency is everything when it comes to your wedding tablescape. All of the different components of your table decor, like the wedding reception napkins, wedding cups, and table cloth, should be picked with a consistent style in mind. Also, make sure your tablescape elements are aligned with the colors and aesthetics of the rest of your wedding decor.

For example, if your wedding theme is flowery and romantic, you should stick to soft pinks, reds, and whites for the decor. Opt for a pink tablecloth with white or red custom printed napkins for weddings and white menu cards. Continue this color scheme for all of the decorative elements on your big day.

  • Choose Your Linens and Napkins

Table linens and wedding reception napkins are now available in nearly any color, fabric, and texture. So, it would be quite a waste of the variety found nowadays if you stuck to white linens and boring single-fold napkins.

Instead, you should take some time to consider the material and design of these tablescape elements carefully. Start with the colors and choose materials that complement the overall aesthetics of your event. Make sure that the linens and your wedding cocktail napkins go hand-in-hand to create the mood you want during your event. Also, place close attention to the fold of the napkins. Going for a unique and creative fold can make all the difference in how your tablescape looks.

  • Layering Is Everything

Using layers and mixing different materials is the best way to take your wedding tablescape up a notch. Play with different textures and use contrasting colors to highlight the most beautiful parts of your table decor. When done smartly, layering can make your tablescape much more aesthetically pleasing, and the guests are sure to be stunned at the creativity!

Moreover, layering will add a touch of dimension and depth to your tablescape. It will no longer fall flat and be just another table at a wedding venue. Be sure to build up the tablescape with the right style of china and top it off with wedding napkins in unique fold styles.

  • Stay Practical

People often get swept up in their need to bring various creative elements to their wedding tablescapes that they forget to think practically. Of course, you would want your table decor to be remembered and complimented for years to come, but you must keep it pragmatic for maximum effect. Getting carried away in aesthetics never worked well for anybody!

So, as you choose the different elements of the tablescape and decide on the perfect spots for them, do remember to consider how well it would all go together. Think of whether your chosen placement for the centerpiece and any other decorative elements allows room for guests to chit-chat across the table.

  • Consider the Place Settings

The guest place settings are the final and perhaps most important part of your wedding tablescape. These will turn your event from being just a decorative stand-out to also being one with exceptional functionality.  

Once your big day rolls around, you should have everything ready and perfect. From the menu cards to your gift bags, guest seating charts, and the dishes – guest place settings include it. Here are some things you should keep in mind when preparing to serve your guests in the best manner.

  • Every table should have 3 glasses per guest. One is for water, the second for wine, and the third for your wedding toast. You can also replace one of the glasses with champagne flutes for a classy look.
  • Have 2-3 sets of cutlery for each guest, primarily if you’re serving multiple courses.
  • Leave enough room on the table for guests to be able to place their drinks and other small items.

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