All About Gothic Wedding Rings

by Gregory Lewis

Wedding rings are generally seen as some sort of religious ritual that indicates the bonding of a man and a woman, who is thus pronounced as “husband and wife.” This belief has been held for a long and remains relevant today. There have, however, been some twists to it, with different couples calling a bluff of some traditional observances to flow with their fashion statement as they take the vow of “forever-and-always” in the presence of friends and sundry. In terms of a subculture that has crept into societal consciousness to challenge what is conventionally attainable, the gothic lifestyle stands out. It is no longer unusual to see goth couples put a seal on your nuptial tie by using gothic wedding rings and other accouterments that highlight the essence of the subculture.

These rings and even the dark-themed ambiance of the wedding venue can be seen as signifying a sorrowful or macabre setting by others. This is, however, nothing to a gothic couple that is only out to express their fashion sense in the way that best appeals to them. Having said this, gothic wedding rings do reflect some romantic and passionate appeal that will keep the love flame burning – and they are quite symbolic.

One challenge you may have when attempting to buy a set of gothic wedding rings is finding a jeweler that has it readily available. More often than not, jewelers seem to be wary of making this sort of ring as there may not be so many persons to patronize them. Nonetheless, you can have a jeweler design customized gothic wedding rings for you and your partner. You have to provide the jeweler with specific details, even down to the color and design you want.

Caring for Gothic Wedding Rings 

The fact that gothic wedding rings are somewhat scarce should be enough to spur you to be committed to caring for them. Moreover, you may decide to get a set of replacement rings that you can wear in place of the gothic wedding ring after the marriage formalities have been concluded. Nevertheless, you can care for a gothic wedding ring by taking the following actions:

  1. Clean gently with soapy water and a piece of soft cloth or soft-bristled brush. Mind you, a mild soap should be used in this regard and avoid any form of abrasiveness against the surface of the ring. Also, you should note that there may be some intricate design on the ring that makes it hard for you to reach some parts of the ring – be careful while trying to get rid of the accumulated dirt within the inworking of the ring. You should use a soft cloth to get rid of the moisture once you have cleaned it.
  1. You should pull off the ring whenever you are going to be doing any strenuous work that entails using your hands. This will prevent the ring from getting scratched or damaged.
  1. You should always endeavor to keep your gothic wedding ring in the jewelry box that is well-padded to sustain its design and beauty.
  2. Taking your gothic wedding ring for regular checks at a jeweler’s place can also help to keep it in good shape. Though gothic wedding rings are quite delicate, you should get an expert around to provide a quality maintenance service in this respect.

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