Is Folded Or Flat A Better Type Of Place Card?

by Gregory Lewis

Every wedding is unique and requires careful planning and seating arrangement. While not all weddings require place cards, they can bring more order, organization, and peace to your special day. There are different types of wedding place cards, with folded and flat place cards being the most common options. So, which type of card is better for your event? Find out in this guide.

Do You Need Place Cards in the First Place?

Start by considering whether you need assigned seating for your wedding. If not, you should not need place cards. However, nobody wants their wedding to be chaotic. Everyone wants to keep trouble and disputes, no matter how small, out of the picture.

Having assigned seating can bring order to guest management and many other aspects of your wedding day. Many people use seating charts. A seating chart is a piece of paper that lists your tables and shows the guests seated at each table. They are usually easier to make and cost less. However, they cannot allow you the same level of control or bring the same kind of organization that place cards can.

Flat Cards vs Tent Cards

As mentioned above, there are two types of place cards. This includes folded and flat place cards. The folded cards are also referred to as tent cards.

  • Flat Place Cards: These are flat and are usually used along with a place card holder. If your budget and time allow, you can be more creative with these cards, adding more flair to the event.
  • Folded Place Cards: Tent cards or folded place cards need to be folded in half and they stand on their own. They are also referred to as foldable cards. Since these are free-standing in design, there is no need for anything else to keep them in place. They can be easily arranged on the table without any need for an accessory.

You can also have a custom place card design created for your big day. You can play around with different designs and create something completely unique.

What to Write on Wedding Place Cards?

Whatever you want to be printed or written on your place cards will be entirely up to you. It is recommended to follow these tips in this regard:

  • All place cards must have your guests’ names
  • If you want it, you can add additional information such as assigned table numbers
  • You may also add a sweet message, such as ‘welcome’ or a more personal message. It can also be some other greetings message to make your guests feel excited.

It is further recommended to order cards that show the table names.

You can also use place cards to create a code for catering. Let your catering staff determine your guests’ meal preferences with the help of the code. You can consider using ink, symbol, or color-coding paper for the purpose. Whichever type of place card you use for the big day, make sure they are all easily legible. It is recommended to start planning your place cards from the moment you plan the engagement party invites.

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