Smaller Is Better When It Comes To Weddings!

by Gregory Lewis

Love is in the air, and so is marriage! Over half of Australians are married or in a permanent relationship! While it used to be that the happy young couple were expected to hold a huge wedding and invite just about everyone they knew, times have changed and more intimate, smaller celebrations have risen in popularity. This is a much more budget-friendly, and frankly fun way to go about things, so let’s just plan on twenty people, enough to form a crowd but not be crowded! Now let’s take a look at some of the things you can plan that will make your small wedding a day to remember!

  • Music – Music is a central part of a great wedding, the pomp and ceremony of the traditional themes followed by some good time dancing music for the reception! Your best move is to hire some professional wedding entertainers who have the talent and personality to help make your special day really sing!
  • Clothes – Just say no to making your bridesmaids and grooms purchase those silly, smarmy suits and daffy dresses that they are just going to wear for one day and then take down to the op shop to unload! If you want something fancy, just rent it, or better yet let everyone just come as they are! The bride can still wear white and should look her smashing best, and the groom should wear exactly what she tells him to, but the guests can just come casual and we bet it will be more fun for everyone!
  • Flowers – This is something that typically weddings go way overboard on, with your venue ending up looking more like the arboretum or a garden show than the happiest day of your life! The only important flowers are the bride’s bouquet, everything else is just filler, so go light! Plus, flowers are pretty pricey for something that’s going to end up in the bin the next day, save all that money for your honeymoon!
  • Photographer – This is one that you shouldn’t go cheap on, these are, after all, the memories you will cherish all the days of your life together! Hire a high-quality professional photographer who knows the business and can take the shots that will make you laugh and cry tears of joy for years to come.
  • The Cake – Small wedding? Small cake! It just has to be big enough for everyone to get a slice! It can be fancy and pretty without being big enough for a belly dancer to jump out of- that size is for the bachelor party!
  • The Booze – Yes, please! Crack open some great champagne and raise your glasses! It won’t break your bank at a small-sized wedding, so splurge a bit and get some of the good stuff- it doesn’t have to be top shelf, shoot for the middle, most people can’t tell anyway!

Congratulations! Now get out of there and honeymoon!

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