Things to consider when Buying Diamond Engagement Ring

by Gregory Lewis

For most of you buying an engagement ring is too exciting. The good news is that finally, you have found someone you love and now you are on a hunting spree to find the perfect engagement ring to lock your relationship formally. While shopping for it can be great fun at one of the reputed outlets like Diamond Story in Melbourne, for many, it’s overwhelming as well, especially if you have never shopped before or is absolutely clueless about how to choose one. Don’t, panic, this guide will help you to get educated to buy the perfect engagement ring.

Here are some important things to consider and remember when you buy your engagement ring:

  • Know the 4Cs

If you are looking for a diamond engagement ring, you would need to understand the 4Cs before buying the ring. The 4Cs are grading of quality that is given to a diamond.

Read here a brief on the 4Cs

  • Cut: It is a grading of how well the diamond is cut, which affects how it will capture the light.
  • Clarity: An important grading of how flawless a diamond is, both externally and internally.
  • Carat: Weight measurement which could give you the basic idea of the diamond’s size in the ring.
  • Color: Measurement of how colorless a diamond (white) is.
  • Diamond & settings

Most people are unaware that diamonds and settings are mostly sold separately. So, when you need to buy an engagement ring from a popular outlet like Diamond Story, you shop for 2 items, your center stone i.e., the diamond, and your setting (the metal framework which holds the center stone).

A few engagement rings do come with the center stone or the white diamond. For example, most antique engagement rings will come complete, and most modern jewelers manufacture pre-set rings.

  • Settings &shape set style

The two main things that have the biggest impact on your engagement ring’s style/design that is your setting style and the shape of the center stone. Shape refers to the shape and size of the diamond, which often comes in oval, round, princess, etc., and every shape will have a different style quotient. The engagement ring’s setting can also impact its style. These settings could be unique vintage, classic, modern, and much more.

  • Choose customize option

In case you cannot find your dream engagement ring, you can have a custom engagement ring created at one of the reputable and quality jewelers like Diamond Story in Melbourne. They not only offer the best prices, superb workmanship, but also unbeatable service, thus resulting in an unparalleled experience. So, creating a custom engagement ring is more affordable and easier than you can imagine. And believe it; it’s worth that extra time it might take to have it customized in a unique design of your choice.

If you are looking for the best range of affordable engagement rings Melbourne, get in touch with Diamond Story. Their jewelry specialists or experts are available 24/7, and they take pride to offer a unique collection of custom-made engagement rings at their own workshop in Sydney.

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